Himalayan Blooms


Dear Joginder Kundra,

I am the School Principal for your grandchildren, Karina and Sachin.  They generously gifted me one of the beautiful knitted scarves from the women whom you support in Khetikhan.  I am writing to thank you personally for spreading the wonderful news about these women’s talents and for helping them succeed.   This generous work serves to remind me during this holiday season in the United States, which can be so materialistic and commercial, that there is good work being done all over the world.

At Sidwell Friends, we strive to create citizens like you who are intelligent and critical thinkers and, most importantly, who recognize the Quaker sentiment to “Let Your Life Speak”.  This idea is manifested in work like Himalayan Blooms.  I look forward to sharing my scarf’s story with all the people who admire it this winter and those that follow.  You are a wonderful role model for me and for your grandchildren.

In peace,

Shereen Beydoun

Lower School Principal

Sidwell Friends School

Shereen Beydoun, Lower School Principal