The goal of Himalayan Blooms is to uplift the community; empower women by providing new opportunities, provide the necessary tools and equipment to make marketable locally produced goods; help schools improve the quality of education; and assist farmers in by installing groundwater charging wells. This community development project is intended to provide relief to the poor, distressed and underprivileged. This effort would also reduce the need for the relocation of people to already crowded urban areas, to seek employment.

Himalayan Blooms has made tremendous progress, having produced over 2,500 items in 2016 alone. Over fifty knitters have received the tools and training to produce new products. In the process, they have greatly improved their skill set to achieve the highest quality, while adopting and innovating to new designs and patterns. The knitters are adopting new technological skills through the use of laptops and internet to explore new designs, entering data and record keep. This has improved the moral among-st the women, uplifting their confidence and contributing to their household income.

An additional goal of Himalayan Blooms is to help improve the education of children by assisting schools install computers, providing training in computers, and helping teachers adopt new techniques.

The Himalayan region is composed of hilly terrain; limited industry; and a population highly dependent on agricultural income. The severe summer water shortages are getting from bad to worse due to the global warming. This condition has negatively impacted the income from crops. Himalayan blooms intends to develop training facilities to help assist with rainwater harvesting through the installation of water charging wells that catch runoff during the rainy season. This would increase groundwater retention and reduce summer water shortage.

The eventual goal of the initiative is to create and enabling environment where people can earn their own livelihood to sustain themselves. And in addition we want to create an environment that allows then to educate their children and establish a stable community.

We have provided and committed to continue to provide resources and time to service the women of Himalayan Blooms, with no material gains to the management.

Himalayan Blooms